Light Source Denver... Grip Lighting Trucks - 303 663-9701 ext. 10 Rentals - 7AM - 6PM Mountain Standard Time - 

Pope John Paul
Many IMAX Films
JonBent's House  1996 many to 2010
Pres. Clinton. Bush & Obama
John Denver in Vail Colo.  
Focus on the Family Colo Springs   
Billy Graham Ministry    
Many at Coors Field Denver  
Joe Walsh  Caribou Ranch Boulder 
Ted Turner & Jane Fonda in Home

The Golf Channel in Vail Colorado   
Jeep Grand Cherokee Vail Colo.     
Budweiser Beer in Ft Collins Colo. 
Michael Jordan in Denver 
Many Green Screen with Broncos  
President Clinton Denver  
  Many Coors Beer videos Golden Colo.
Tommy Built a Grip Truck for Coors 
Cadillac on my  Stage in Denver
Honda in Denver Colo.  
Caroline Zang on Ice Ft Collins CO

Olympic Training Ctr. Colo. Springs 
Sports Illustrated in Colo. Springs
Kenworth Trucks  Aurora Colo.
Roper Jeans in Cheyenne Wyo.  
Many at Broadmoor Hotel  CO. Springs
2 Music Videos w/ Gary Allen  
Hewlett Packard Ft. Collins 1995-2017
Colorado Lottery Spots Many 
Leon Russell in Golden Colo.
Oprah Winfrey w/ Tom Cruise in his home in Telluride CO

 Many  Colorado Lottery 
Oprah with Cher at her Home in Aspen Colo
Cabela's Outdoor Gear  
NIKE with Michael Jordan 
Neil Degrasse Tyson and NASA
Hyatt Hotels w John Toll as D.P.
American Express to 2017  
Temple Grandin  Interview Ft Collins 
NCAR..NOAA..USGS.. in Boulder CO.
Many  Dove Valley Broncos 1990 to 2017

  ABC NBC Disney  1995 to 2017
Many with the BBC
USAF Academy in Colorado Springs
ESPN...NFL...FOX News    1995 to 2018 
Music Videos from John Denver to ZZ Top
Many Music Videos at Red Rocks  
Annie Leibovitz in Colo. Springs 
 Olympics Training  Center Colo. Springs 
Political Spots  Governor & Congress 2017 
 Hardware  2000 to 2017  
Many Shoots at Pepsi Center 
Diane Sawyer  5 Camera Shoot Dec. 
Billy Ray Cyrus at Fort Carson Colo. Springs    
WWF & WWE Wrestling in Denver  1995-2017 
 United Airlines 1999 to 2017
Children's Hospital 2017   

Fat Tire Beer for  Ridley Scott Productions
Martin Lockheed on call from 1995 to 2018
Verizon 2010 to 2017

Cisco Systems  2018